Punta de Rieles Correctional Facility.

Punta de Rieles Correctional Facility

  • Area: Civil and architecture.

  • Client: Ministerio del Interior.

  • Place: Montevideo.

  • Status: Concluded.

Executive project, equipment and construction of a state-of-the-art correctional facility for approximately 2,000 people deprived of lilberty, distributed in 25 buildings (first project in the Public-Private Partnership modality in Uruguay). 

  • Characteristics:

    • Built area: 42,000 m2.
    • Precast concrete: 25,000 m3.
    • Onsite concrete: 8,500 m3.
    • Metallic cover: 24.700 m2.
    • Water channeling piping: 4.5km.
    • Electric installation wires: 250km.


Punta de Rieles Correctional Facility.

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